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Some other updated post + sales reminder

Hey everyone,

First, I thought I'd take the time to introduce another aspect of my collection that I haven't shown to the community before but now will because of how much I've really gotten to love them :)

Over the last couple of weeks or so, I've been scouring around for some nice notebooks of some of my favorite Pokemon and I'm glad to say I've gotten a few!


The Charizard and Dialga/Palkia notebook were from eBay and I have pkmnsuicune and pkmnexcavation to thank for the Zekrom and Lugia notebooks, respectively. Thank you so much! I love them! I have stuck some Pan stickers that I bought from o_0digitizdx_x in some of them and I'm so happy! (Thanks so much for selling some of your stickers to me! I really, really appreciate it!) My gosh, I feel like a little kid again...haha

And the other thing I wanted to show off were some T-shirts that I also had bought within the last couple of months but didn't mention until now for whatever reason.

Here they are:

First off, this Dialga/Palkia shirt (one of two shirts I got from roxyryoko):



Then this Lucario shirt (also from her):



Finally, my personal favorite: the Zekrom shirt that was on sale back when Gen 5 was promoted in 2011. Now I really regret not having bought one for myself then, but I was lucky to find a one my size on eBay (the only one that was on sale for that size!). It's the shirt I've worn the most often, but I have worn all three since I've bought them. I've also shamelessly worn them in front of friends that have come over to hang out at my place hehe



Finally, I thought I'd shamelessly post a reminder to my (brand new) sales post!


Normally, I wouldn't be this persistent but my spring break for college starts on Friday and I won't be able to ship from Saturday 3/5 to Saturday 3/12 (most likely that Friday, too, though I'll do my best to make a trip to the post office before I take off). So if there's something you'd like shipped before then, you need to get your order in before Friday morning!

I will still respond to inquiries and comments as best as I can while I'm back home but I won't be able to take pictures of stuff. I'll also add more stuff to my sales post when I come back from break, but do check them out! Please help me out, I need money for my grail :)

Thank you so much for reading/looking!
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