Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

For Trade! Greninja BREAK!

Hey everyone! :D

I hope everyone is having a good beginning to their March,and that SSS preparations are going well for everyone (I'm finishing up my shopping this week :3)!
At any rate, I got the Shiny Mega Gyarados box today (what an awesome figure btw!), and I didn't get too many good pulls.
I did, however, pull this guy-

A mint Greninja BREAK!
I don't play the tcg, but I wanted the figure and gyarados card (plus a Barnes and noble giftcard helped!), so I'm looking to trade this guy!
I was told they go for $8-10, so I'm looking for any plush/figures for trade?
I'm especially after some older Hasbro plush like ivysaur, and charizard, if they're in good condition!
So let me see your stuff! :D
My feedback is below~


Thanks for reading! :)
I have a BIG collection update in the works for next week, I have an extremely rare and exciting package that just left customs today! :D

Have a good night everyone!

~ Ebon
Tags: greninja, tcg, trading
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