mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Chikorita 1:1 Auction CANCELLED

Yeah so my windshield will fail inspection and long story short I need the cash ASAP to get a new one. So can't hold off trading Chikorita sadly.

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here

- I ship from Richmond VA
- Paypal only
- No banned members
- No trades since lolwindshield
- Payment plans are negotiable: I need a down payment of half and the final payment by the end of the month
- I can do international shipping but please expect a pretty high number considering it's a large package

- This auction will be a week long: End time 12:00 am Eastern Time March 8th 2016
- Increments of $1 plox
- I have never considered sniping an issue but to make my life easier just don't do it.

This is a rare 2001 Chikorita 1:1 plush from The Pokemon Center NYC. She is in amazing condition considering her age. Her leaf still stands, which I heard isn't very common. Do note that it CAN flop down if you make it flop but there is no problem setting it to stand up. She is TTO.



Thanks guysss:)
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