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New Gets + Late 20th Anniversary post! :D

Alright, so I made an intro post just a few weeks ago and have surprised myself by adding a good amount of things to my collection since then! If you'd like to check it out, look under the cut! ^-^

First are all of my 20th anniversary gets :D some were pictured previously (like my 20th Mew plushie :3) but I think they all deserved a nice picture together :D

I believe I checked all the 20th Mew items off my list :D I love the 20th mythical releases so far, but was lucky enough to get all of the Mew products and will probably stop with her (even though I love Celebi too. Unfortunately my wallet does not xD).

Also, here are my pulls from the 2 Generations packs that came with my Mythical Pokemon Mew collection!! I'm extremely happy with what I got, and it was unbelievably difficult to resist purchasing another to see if I could pull more Eeveelu EX's haha. Maybe I'll buy the Celebi box anyway...xD I'm especially loving the Pokekyun collection. The art is absolutely gorgeous ^-^

Next! It's really fun to see what you can find at flea markets and Goodwill's, so I check in and look around for Pokemon stuff at my local ones every once in a while. I found this 2008 UFO Pikachu (in loved condition) and 2009 JAKKS Shaymin Sky Form plushie 2 weeks apart from eachother (at 0.50 each!) along with a giant ziploc bag full of Pokemon cards (there were probably around 350 cards in there :D) from all generations for $5 O.O To say it was a good day would be an understatement.

When I googled the Shaymin plushie (I was curious about value) I noticed this particular one didn't have the bag mine does...but a different plush of him did? aha. Anyway, he's cute and I'm kind of in love with the Pikachu UFO prize. He's just so darn cheerful looking xD

Next is something I didn't think I'd get myself because I couldn't justify the price. But when it went out of stock I was really afraid it was going to be one of those February-only Mew Perks since the Celebi pokedoll wasn't coming out until March haha. Luckily I it went back in stock towards the end of the month, so I nabbed one maybe an hour after it became available again xD This Mew Pokedoll is SO soft and cuddly :o I have the 2010 Mew Pokedoll as well, and I love her lots too but I'm so afraid of messing up her Velboa fur more than I already have (btw, anyone have any tips for making velboa soft again? I have no idea how to care for it and am afraid to try some of the solutions I find online haha). I got the 2010 doll at EPCOT in 2012 and I was looking at her tag recently (before I purchased the new minky 2015 doll) and the price tag said $15.95. And that was in-store!! So that is the story of how I justified the $19.00 for the minky one xD Dx

And to celebrate/conclude the month of Mew, here is a picture of my entire Mew collection (minus 2 old keychains I haven't seen since Junior year of high school...but I'm still convinced they're around somewhere haha T-T)

Anywho, those are all my gets! Thank you for reading! I can't wait to see how everyone's collections grow over this 20th anniversary year :D
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