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eBay lot + Poke20th gets + Sales!

Anyone heard from wobbuwhit recently? I was in contact with them for a transaction when they mentioned their birthday was coming up a week ago-- I would assume their birthday passed but I'm still waiting to hear from them and I just hope they're okay!

I've got a plush lot up on eBay that ends in less than 5 days~ It includes a Heartland Chimchar and other monkey plush for Chinese New Year of the monkey XD
Click the pic or here to go!

Poke20th gets and random rambles report!

Fiance and I started the day by heading to Gamestop. I intended to get the pearly Mew TOMY Moncolle for the bonus poster, but they were out of it. So instead I got a Masterball plush (which I forgot to put in the pic lol). Although the adverts were saying you needed to purchase any Pokemon product for the poster, the employees were pretty much giving them to anyone who asked. Eh, was okay for getting 20% off the Masterball plush anyway. It's pretty nice and now I can 100% catch things irl yay? (or 99.6% for the games before gen 5 lulz)

Next was Toys R Us. We arrived at around 11:30, looked through the Pokemon stuff. Was sad they didn't have the newer TOMY things like the articulated Mega Absol figure, but since I'll be coming again for future distributions, hopefully I'll see it in a future trip. They had a ton of Espurr PC US plush among the plush stock for some odd reason. Thinking back on it, I wish I had taken a pic because it was rather amusing... XD They had a BOGO 40% off deal for TCG boxes so I got the Charizard EX and Mythical Mew boxes. There were a few people waiting around an empty table where the distro was obviously going to take place, and I was sad that no one apparently bothered to bring their 3DS, instead they were all twerking around on their phones :V I need Streetpasses yo! There was one little kid who brought his precious TCG binder and was going through his cards with his parents looking over his shoulder. I actually hate little kids in general, but this one was precious somehow. There was one really tall guy who started randomly commenting on people's Pokemon shirts including fiance's and mine. He asked if we were going to play Pokemon GO when it comes out and I was like "definitely", and then he went on some tangent about how he doesn't want Nintendo knowing where he is every second of his life (okay, that's not how it works but okayyyyyy technology fearing ppl). Eventually, some employees got the distro going. A lady read off a piece of paper to intro the event and couldn't say Magikarp properly which made us all laugh. The activity book is duller than I was hoping for, but the paper stock quality of the posters is way better than I was expecting, it has a nice gloss to it. Too bad about the "Omega Sapphire/Alpha Ruby" mixup that's forever printed on it lol...

Last up was Walmart, where I picked up the two sets of pearly Pikachu TOMYs that I ordered online the weekend before. Nothing spectacular about their in-store Pokemon stock either.

Pulls from Charizard EX and Mythical Mew. Pulling Mega Charizard X EX from my last Charizard EX booster packs really made up for getting nothing great in the other 3 booster packs haha.

Lastly... Sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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