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Small sales update: Johto puzzle pieces, keychains, zipper pulls, other misc

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Pokemon Day :). I'm finally getting back into collecting Dragonite plush so I'll be posting an update on that soon! Ordering the new guys I was missing after my next paycheck, hopefully.

I've also recovered from my surgery (and then the flu, fun!) so I'm back to selling. A few of you already placed orders and you should have tracking, I shipped the last stuff early yesterday morning.

I added some new stuff to my sales. Mostly keychains, charms, and other little misc things. The most interesting items are these Johto puzzle pieces. Some of you might remember me auctioning a bunch of these a couple years back---here are a few additional ones plus the ones that didn't auction the first time. These are listed under the MISC section of my sales.


They're really cute, I love all of the unique art/poses! My sales update also includes some cute 5th gen zipper pulls among other stuff--check it out! And of course I still have the usual kid figures, plush, zukan, etc.

Sales preview:


Sales are here:
Tags: dragonite, keldeo, kids, pikachu, plush, raichu, sales, tomy, zukan
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