hollyasevenx (hollyasevenx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

20th Anniversary Gets!

Happy (late) Pokemon day to everyone! :D I managed to snag some anniversary goods and I'm so excited! Pokemon has been a huge part of my life, and I can't believe we just celebrated 20 years! I remember the 10th anniversary...lol ^^

Anyways, onto the goods!

First up- my precious! ❤_

Best birthday/Valentine's gift ever! I sold my New 3DS XL and my boyfriend helped me with the rest! I cannot recommend the smaller New 3DS enough, it looks and feels absolutely perfect! Can't wait to get the Pokemon sprite cover plates. :D

Then this beauty came in the mail yesterday! ^-^


The Champion Red Nendoroid!

Stop taking pictures and love me ;n; little guy refused to leave my side during the shoot! xD

So excited to set them up!

Absolute perfection ;u;

Edit by my boyfriend. c:

Thanks for looking, everyone~ <3
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