sweetiesylveon (sweetiesylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The rest of my collection!

A few days ago I uploaded a picture of my Sylveon collection and I said that I'd post the rest of my collection and my cards another day.

Well I finally got around to rearranging my cards today so I took pictures of them all plus the rest of my little collection.

So here's a picture of my tiny collection!

And here's a link to my LJ post with my card collection.

I WOULD post all the pictures in this post, but it's 124 pictures (9 cards per pic) so it would be waaaaay too image heavy and I'm not about to do that to someone with slower internet.

Anyway, the cards are arranged by National Dex number in the binder they're kept in, but the images got switched around and I'm not going to bother fixing them. Also this isn't all of the cards, just the Pokemon specific ones. Trainer cards and Energy cards aren't included.

All the cards are different except for 2 Mantine that I have.

Just thought I'd show you all what I've got! c:
Tags: ampharos, cards, celebi, cubone, drifloon, figures, hitmonlee, ho-oh, hoopa, kyogre, leafeon, lugia, mew, pikachu, pokeball, rapidash, rayquaza, sandshrew, squritle, tyranitar, umbreon, wobbuffet, zekrom
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