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Happy Girl's Day! Higher quality pictures of upcoming March promos ~ Easter, card sleeves

Today 3/3 is Girl's Day or also known as Hinamatsuri in Japan.

I took this picture today. <3 Err.. not perfect... I realize after I was about to upload it that female Little Tale Pika's left ear is hiding. ._.

And surprisingly the website updated with some news today earlier than its usual weekly Friday news.
Today just some higher quality images of the upcoming releases:

Card sleeves coming out March 18th~ one pack each 362 yen

I really love the Ho-Oh one. Which one is your favorite?

Pokemon Easter coming out March 19th:

Mascots 500 yen each

Mircrobead cushions~ 2500 yen and clip set~ 850 yen

Pass case - 800 yen
Melamine cup - 600 yen
Melamine plate - 800 yen
Logo pin - 600 yen

Hand towel - 500 yen
Face towel - 1000 yen
Metal charm set Pikachu - 550 yen
Metal charm set Eevee - 550 yen

pouch with carabiner - 1400 yen
Drawstring dice bag Eevee - 600 yen
Drawstring dice bag Pikachu - 600 yen
T-shirt in (S/M/L)- 3,000 yen
blind packaged candy tins - 380 yen each

Not pictured: Melamine fork spoon set, Pikachu and Eevee clear file, nail set, and lunch cloth.

April Monthly Pair Pikachu Plush also coming out March 19th:

Brief tag translation~ Sakura season is in full bloom. Today is the opening (entrance) school ceremony. Pikachu together with other 1st years I wonder want to get together and mingle? I am not sure about the last part if anyone can read it that will be helpful.

What do you think of the Easter goods lineup? Some of it is alright but I rather see some bunny like Pokemon get cute a cute promo.
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