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looking for someone...

Hi! I'll delete this post later on.. Has anyone heard from kwingette ? I think they've been away or something, but I really need to contact them about my package. :(

It had tracking but the tracking information said delivered (but to the wrong location). It was supposed to be sent to my friend in Australia (domestic post) and she didn't even receive a notice or anything. It's almost been a month (it said delivered on 9 Feb) and I'm worried about it. ; _ ;

Has this happened to anyone before? I'm not sure what can I do, because the auspost website says the sender must be the one to lodge an enquiry and I think they're away.. Is it still possible for my package to be found??

To make this post a little less boring... I got the Lotte Pokemon Chocolates at a supermarket here!
There were more chocolates inside than I expected, but they were also smaller than expected haha. Because of the box art, I thought that each chocolate will have a different Pokemon's design on it (e.g. Dedenne will have a Dedenne chocolate) but actually every single one was... Pikachu. It's still nice though! The back of the little paper slip has a space for someone to write a note/message but it's so tiny I doubt anyone can write more than 1 word..? Hahah not the ideal Valentines' Day gift!

That's it from me!~ And to my SSS: I apologise for getting some pins off my wants list. I assume you wouldn't be getting pins anyway since they're more difficult to find than recent Pokecen releases, haha. But I've stopped buying now- my FJ holding period is up haha. My wants list is updated with what I have. :) 
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