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Pokemon 20th Anniversary gets

A little late, I know. I've been super busy trying to clean my room and...well, some of my collection went missing in the cleaning. ;A; I'll find them eventually.

But, for now, I will post what has been going on in my neck of the woods.

First off, I lost control and spent...much more than I was originally hoping when I joined a few weeks.ago.
I guess one can say I cannot help myself. Thankfully, my mother was able to chip in, so I am now "working" for everything I got. XD

My first purchase here, and I am super happy. They are all so adorable! :D Joining this place, I knew I would get some Fennekins, but hadn't known much product of Furret, being one of my more beloved Pokemon in the series, so finding this little guy made me extra happy, along with another item I got later on.
The Fennekin are both so adorable. I had no idea what they were, but when I saw them, I jumped for them so quickly. X3 I am so happy I did, too. I am also thankful to be able to have gotten the Jirachi and Shaymin(s) kid figures, as I love those two legends a lot. I just hope I can find some Meloetta, too. C:
...not sure what else to say here...so...

Next is this little guy. Had no clue this was a thing until I joined. X3 It is small, but man is it sturdy, and super adorable. (How many times have I used a word so far that means "cute").

I now wonder how many more figures there are of these, they are just so gosh darn cute.

Next up, MORE FURRET LOVE! :D I love Furret so much. And this one is just SO adorable and soft. (I forgot to mention how the small Fennekin above is also super soft). I couldn't help myself. Thankfully, the seller had Furfrou along with Furret, so I was able to get something for my sister's slowly growing collection. Again, I am not sure if I am allowed to post her own collect or now, so I am mot yet, but the Furfrou was so adorable, I couldn't ignore him in this post. C: (Plus, I'd feel bad for leaving him out).

These are from eBay. My mother saw them and got them for me...though I cannot get them until August, my birthday. XD
I thought I would show them here, now, in case I forget. X3

And just because I'll show off my Toys R Us event, although nothing much happened but me getting a little stressed...and my Service dog stepping in some gum. ;A; He was so confused as to why his foot was sticking the the floor.

Although it doesn't show it, the place was just FULL of kids. Maxwell (my gummy pawed Service dog) felt my anxiety, and we didn't stay for to long. But we didn't leave without getting some Pokemon merch. (For myself, and my sister. Although, I didn't take any photos of my sister's stuff this time).

So much cool stuff! :D I was lucky to be able to snatch up the Celebi things, as they were not meant to be out yet. (My friend/league leader wasn't so lucky. ;A; I felt bad). Again, the Celebi are being held for my birthday, but because they were limited edition, my mother couldn't help by get them.
Oddly enough, though...the TCG box with the pin was not there. Weird.
I was also able to grab two promos (and coins) at TRU. I am sad they didn't have the Pikachu promo with the Sylveon and Chespin, but I know they have that in Walmart.

We did hit the mall close by shortly after to see if the Game Stop there had the Mew TCG box. They didn't, but they did have this adorable cutey, though.

My mother showed me him, and boy did I squeal. He is so cute! I had no clue there was a version that looked like this. Why is he so CUTE!?

I later ordered my Mew box online, and it arrived today. (Which is why I made this).

I don't have the best luck when it comes yo pack opening, pulling only one card I was looking for in the two sets from Generations, being Slurpuff. But, hey, I have 10 more tries, plus the four boxes, too. And I ordered the Celebi box online, too (oddly enough, through GameStop). So I'll have another chance at whom I need. It stinks...because I am in need of a LOT of EXs.

I was going to show off my collection, and a lot sooner, too, but again, my room is a complete mess right now, and I don't have the room to show ANYthing off, which saddens me. Hopefully by the end of this month, I'll finally have my room clean so I can at least show what I have at the house.But I am not making any solid promises. (I never keep them).

Anyways, sorry for the super long post. I hope I was doing things correctly.
Once again, happy 20th Anniversary for Pokemon, and I hope everyone has a fantastic day. :)
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