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Card Opening Stream: 2 Celebi Boxes, 1 Mew Box, Breakthrough Mewtwo Y Elite Trainer Box, & Pokecrate

So if you guys haven't noticed from some of my previous posts, I stream most of my card openings and then put them up on Youtube. This one's main focus is the February Pokecrate and I recently found out that Pokecrate sometimes has bootlegs in it. However, I know it's not all bootlegs and I started my subscription well before I joined the community and even knew about bootlegs. I'm also friends with one of the admins there and I'm fairly certain the people sending them out may not even know they're sending bootlegs out to people when they do. I'll put a warning here now that some people may not enjoy this as much since there is that possibility.

However, I always get something from the TCG to open with the Pokecrate during the stream. Usually it's only one collection box or elite trainer box or something. However, when I went to my Walmart, they had a full stock of Mew and Celebi boxes. Since I've already opened 2 Mew boxes, I ended up getting one more of that one and then 2 Celebi boxes. Plus, I got the Mewtwo Y Elite Trainer Box. This all works out really well with this Pokecrate since it is themed around the Saffron City Gym, so Psychic types and possibly some Sabrina stuff. Usually they just focus around the type of the gym and have a gym badge, as well.

The stream will actually be very soon, at 9:00 PM CST. Be warned, there will be audio in the stream and I may get excited with good card pulls. xD It will be here if you want to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/tiamatruler

EDIT: The stream is over now and I have to say, I came out with some very nice pulls! :D The radiant collection in Generations (PokeKyun) was super nice to me this time as opposed to the last time. xD Here's what I ended up pulling from the Elite Trainer Box and Generations boxes:

Unfortunately, the Pokecrate did have a bootleg Alakazam plush in it, so I won't be posting the picture of that here. However, it did have a Japanese PokeKyun pack in it, which was nice, along with some other nice items!

The Kadabra is a magnet, while the very amusing Haunter with Brock/Misty dolls is a sticker. Pokecrate has always had a sticker of what I believe is their own custom design in it since I started with them, so I always look forward to those. This one is probably my favorite one, though, as I loved that episode of the anime, and it was completely unexpected since it's not Psychic type but related to Saffron gym due to that episode! x3 I still can't stop laughing at it here and there.

One thing I'm curious about is if anyone knows if these gym badges are legit or not? I'm not sure myself, I'm still pretty new to the comm and have a hard time figuring that out. They seem to be made by a company called Halder. These are always the ones that are in the Pokecrate, obviously with a different badge depending on the gym.
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