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Some major gets, a little disappointment, and a GRAIL.

Hi all! I'm not dead. I've just been indulging other interests and cutting back a bit on the Pokemon (The 20th anniversary has made it kind of difficult. Nostalgia and all that.) I thought I'd show off some major gets from December on:


Sleepy Bulbasaur, and I finally managed to get my hands on the Japanese version of the April Monthly Pikachu for a reasonable price!
(Just leaves September, December, January, February and March...)

And then these arrived today:

Not the greatest picture, sorry! 2015 Pokebox Charms (except Eevee and Sylveon), the 2014 Leafeon and Eevee charms, and the Umbreon pin.

Something else arrived today too:

It's a box from FJ! What's in it?

Oh. No wonder shipping this thing was $50. -_-'

I got the Pokemon Time Togekiss plush from Amazon.co.jp. It's amazing. The fabric's basically a long-pile minky, and it's big enough (and well-stuffed enough) to use as a pillow. I think I might get myself Budew as well.

Other stuff: the Kurutoga Eeveelution mechanical pencil, the Pokemon Time mug, and minky Jolteon Pokedoll. Now that I have Jolteon, all I need is Glaceon for my Eeveelution Pokedoll collection. I also got two little tins: Espeon and Gyarados. I'm really glad the TCG seems to be loving Gyarados lately, but at the same time, there are all these cards with really cool art I need to pick up!

Now for the disappointment. I got a Magikarp Pokedoll, and he even has his hangtag attached. However, I didn't look too carefully at the photos (or they weren't clear, since I'm usually pretty good about looking...), and he's just a bit sad:

I'm not a stickler for tags (my Eeveelus don't have hang tags, for instance), but if I buy a tagged plush I'd hope the tags are in decent condition. This one's faded and creased. :( Oh well.

Where's the grail?
Oh, he's coming. I didn't take "unboxing" pictures of him, because it didn't occur to me at the time. Anyway, I checked the mail after a really awful day at work, and he was in the mail box:

YES, IT'S SHINY GYARADOS. I never thought I'd actually own one, and while I'd half-hoped for one with tags, I kinda like it better this (TTO) way, since I don't have to worry about tags if I want to pick him up and have him hang out on my desk while I study. Thanks so much, shiny_zekrom for selling him to me!

I have some 20th Anniversary goodies on their way to me too. I'm planning a major collection update once they get here and I've got my collection rearranged a bit. Also I managed to get my hands on a 20th Anniversary edition N3DS. I can't decide if I want to keep it for myself or give it to the BF...

That's all for right now!
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