Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A cute get & more art commissions open!

Hello guys! I hope I´m not posting to often in the past time >_< I got something new again, a veeeeery chubby fat plush! He is just sooo cute I must share with you! ^-^ Click under the cut for more pics!
<--- Who can it be?

I used a Loveball to catch him!!

It´s a DEDENNE!!! Now he is mine!! Isn´t he cute? :3 <333

Raichu says Hello to his new friend! ^-^

He is so round like a bounceball!! I didn´t expect that and was really surprised, esp. because of the size! He is really BIG in comparison to my other plushies! Seems to me like this is a really specially designed plush. But I love it!

Thanks to our member ku_bek who run the GB! :D

Also here is a reminder of my art commissions for aceo cards! I have so much freetime and can make more! ^-^
They´re just 10$! For my SSS special, only 8$!

If you´re interested, please click the link to come to the original post with more info:

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! <3
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