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A Teeeeny, Tiny TCG Sales Post! =D

Hi guys! It seems AGES ago since I last posted about my sales posts! D=

Fret no more however, as today I've updated it with a very small amount of TCG cards I have decided to pass along to better homes! ^_^ I have more such as rares, uncommons and commons from the same sets, so please just ask if I have anything you may be missing and I'll check for you along with providing you a scan of my card! =3

Here's a little preview of what I have to offer!

Interested in buying? Click the snakes below to be transported and amazed!!

I also have a commission slot for my custom sculptures still open from my last round of openings! If you're interested in having your favorite Pokémon sculpted into a one of a kind piece by me, click the banner below for further details and examples of my work! =D

Thanks so much for looking guys, and happy collecting! ^_^
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