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SSS gets and possible pickup? dot sprite tauros!?

So about a week ago, maybe even before that (I lose track of time) I received my SSS package! Sorry I didn't post sooner, 18 credit hours and a job leaves me with almost zero free time (I haven't been able to play RBY and it's killing me!!!)

Anyway, so I wasn't able to do a cool photo story like everyone else because most of my Pokemon things are back at home and not in my college apartment... The gift caught me completely off guard as it was something I wasn't expecting at all but I love the Pokemon she chose, especially since I feel that they need more love when it comes to merchandise <3

Dot sprites of Cubone and Sandshrew! I've been sorely tempted to collect these guys, especially Cubone, but I'm more of a plush person and they don't have much of those and what they do have is usually too much for my wallet. Ahhh I love these guys so much!!!

I also got a Poochyena sprite! She's not too noticeable though since there's so much in that one corner (my boyfriend gives me no room for my things!) If you look carefully, you'll see a picture of my puggy <3 I loved Poochyena before my puggy passed away, but after the fact I really want to collect Poochyena. Again, my wallet will not allow since Poochys and Mightyenas are in high demand XD

My SSS gifter also sent 2 Hershey Chocolate bars which I did not include in any of the pictures because I already ate them... Midterms were very stressful!!! She also sent a stack of cards of some of my favs which included a Poochy and Mightyena card I did not already have :)

So who do I have to thank for these awesome Pokesprites? latias_latios_7 of course! Thank you so much for the awesome Pokemon :) and the chocolate, it was very delicious!

Onto my next topic of the post, I have seen some people report seeing the Noibat Tomy plush. I have checked everywhere for one and cannot find a single one for the life of me! I really want this little guy, so I was wondering if anyone could pick one up for me? I'm assuming they cost about $13 in store so I'm looking to spend no more than $20 shipped if I can. Let me know!

One last thing, I've noticed people are receiving their dot sprite blind packaged straps and if anyone pulls the Tauros one and doesn't want it, I will probably buy it from you XD Tauros is like my spirit Pokemon for reasons that would qualify as going off topic for talking about so I will only tell if you ask haha!

I hope you guys have been doing well. A mini-grail of mine has popped up on eBay so wish me luck as I try to win it for an affordable price! Also, quick question, when did you guys see the monthly mythic Pokemon things pop up? Like, a week before that Pokemon's month or what? I really want to make sure I get Keldeo when he comes out because I refuse to pay more than marketprice (I know it's not until October but I must be prepared!)

Wants list just cuz (I haven't updated the Zoroark section though)

If I haven't replied to you on something, I am working on it and I am terribly sorry! Thanks for looking as always :) Random question time! If you were a Pokemon, which Pokemon do you think you would be!? Me? Totodile! with Tauros as my spirit Pokemon of course! I've just always seen myself as a crazy little croc XD
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