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IT'S HERE!!!! Mirage Charizard!!! :D

Hey there everyone! :D

So, a few weeks back, I posted about buying a Mirage Charizard out of Thailand that appeared to be a shiny with blue wings!

Well, he wasn't.
Buuuuuut, he's turned out to be a lot rarer than I originally thought :3

Info and pictures under the cut :3

So, I heard the doorbell, and knew it had to be him! :D
The box he was in was sadly banged in on one side, and had been opened in customs, and re-tied shut ;-;
I've NEVER had customs search a package like that ;-;

But luckily, he was unharmed, and shrink-wrapped on the inside! :D

Gaze upon his derpy glory!!! XD

He wants to eat the pokedoll XD
(Just kidding, this is a size comparison XD)

More pictures~

So, now here's the fun fact- I've only found ONE other charizard mirage like this! :D
I messaged someone I know through a Facebook group, and she said it's a very rare mirage, and she had one, but had yet to see another! :D
This makes itnone of two known! :D
If you have one of these bad boys, I'd love to see pictures! :D

To my SSS, I'm gonna ship your package very soon! :D

Thanks for reading, everybody! :D

Happy collecting! :D

~ Ebon
Tags: charizard, mirage, mirage plush, plush
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