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Happy Belated Pokemon Day!

Hey guys! It's been a minute but I wanted to go ahead and post an update about all the Pokemon goodies I got for the 20th!

10" Poké Puff Pattern Pikachu Plush -- I LOVE the material of this one. (Plus, anything with a winky face is kinda my weakness)

The first 3 movies on Bluray, limited steelbook edition. I found this at Target. The Pokemon Center website shows the DVD versions but I couldn't find a thing about a Bluray release, which is something I've been waiting for awhile- so stumbling upon this at random was a pleasant surprise!

Special Edition Pokémon Nintendo 3DS System - I couldn't not. Do you SEE that artwork? I had to. No choice selection. This was probably my guiltiest purchase, being that I have a fully functional 3DS XL, but......whatever. Even though Pokemon Red & Blue were included digitally, I also purchased Pokemon Yellow. Cause, why not.

I really wasn't going to get any of the cards. Honest. Well.....that was until I saw amandajane027's post with her pulls from the generations packs that came with the Mythical Mew Box, and I just couldn't resist.

Overall, incredibly pleased with these gets! (Charizard!!!!!!) .....and genuinely considering going out to get the Celebi Mythical box today, too! Haha. Anyway, I know I don't post frequently, but I just wanted to also say a quick hello to everyone here that I half-stalk the collections of but never really say much to. Thanks for making this community so inviting and rad! :)


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