j_ule (j_ule) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Does anyone have these cards?

Hey there :)

I recently looked through the new "Generations" reprint set as well as the Pokekyun set and there are some cards I'd love to have, but I don't want to buy a whole booster box from Japan, so I was wondering if some of you happen to have some extras of the cards I am searching for.

I know that pokemontrader has a Pokekyun claims post, however, since I am also looking for a few Generations cards, I'd love to combine them if possible and find someone with relatively cheap shipping - I am in Germany. Also, I am looking for someone who would sell the cards at a relatively cheap price if possible, not looking to spend more than $0.80-$1 on Pokekyun cards (except for the Charizard) and $0.50 at most for the Generations ones (except when it's a holo).

The cards I am searching for are under the cut:

I might only take a few of them depending on price and shipping!
Only looking for near mint or mint cards, thanks!

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