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Life size pals

Been on hell of a week for me, as far as Pokemon merch goes!! Been a awesome week of gets!

Now ever since I was a little kid I've LOVED Pokemon! growing up in a rural area I never had access to much Pokemon merchandise. My parents wouldn't buy me anything cause I was "too old".id ask them for any kind of merch but I could only manage to get cards.I never even got figures, I'd just make my own out of sculpey clay. ( honestly wish I still had them, be nice to have for nostalgia reasons) but the main thing I'd ask for was plush. But growing up where I did even though Pokemon was so huge at the time there literally was little to no merch. I remember hoping some day I'd be able to get Pokemon and maybe I could get a life size plush...

Well I am so happy to say, that day has come!

I've been hoping and hoping that the Pokemon company would make lifesize plush of the kanto starters. I was thinking if anytime to make the lifesize starters, it would be now for the 20th anniversary!! And I am so glad my hunches were right! I remember checking Twitter and seeing the first teasers of the 1:1 kanto starters. I legitimately lost it lol I was so SO excited I just HAD to pre order them!! Nothing was gonna stop me!!! That is till I saw the price... And that shipping cost... Ouch.. I thought " maybe I'll just order one now?" Figured I'd just get charmander and maybe the others.

Well that didn't last long lol more pictures were released and I was SO hyped for Squirtle and bulbasaur was just so adorable! Well I sold somethings and decided to buy the other 2! Oh gosh am I glad I did!!!

First off I wanna thank Hoshiiyafor charmander and Sunyshore for bulbs and Squirtle!! Also For picking up these plush for me!! I know bulbasaur was much bigger then they thought but he's just amazing I can't thank you enough Sunyshore for picking him up!!

These guys are FANTASTIC wow!! So huge, ULTRA soft. Amazing details! Everything is just awesome. It's like a dream come true. ;_;

I wish these pictures illustrated just how BIG they are! Cause even I was blown away!!

I just love them and they make my collection feel complete! Silly to think but it's literally been something I've wanted since I was little and to have them now is just a great feeling!

Thank you all for reading!

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