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Long time no see! Looking for Lugia goods as usual!

Long time no see everyone!

Basically, I've gone a whole year without getting any new goods! Because of Christmas and other events, I have some money to spare. So, I'm looking for Lugia figures and plushies, though, I'm open to other lugia merchandise as well!

As usual, I'm looking for my Grails:

Paki Paki Lugia Plush
Derpy Play by Play lugia
Large Lugia plush (?) idk the name
Lugia friends mini plush
Ufo Flying Lugia Plushies
Bootie Giant Lottery Lugia
SoulSilver lugia plush
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll
Plamo Buildable Lugia Model Kit
Lottery Prize Lugia Zukan
Bendable Tomy Lugia Figure
Jakks Lugia figure
Lugia Clipping Figure
Lugia Metal Collection Figure(s?)
DX Lugia Zukan
Lugia Pokedex Figure
Lugia Chou-gets figures
Lugia Minicot

Feel free to mention anything not listed here!
Tags: lugia
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