Justice for all (puckyducky) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Justice for all

Wanting to buy cards for my collection!

Hi! For the past couple years I've been collecting pokémon cards with the plan to create my own pokédex, one card per pokémon (or multiple cards if they have multiple forms, of course ^^). And after a recent purchase I'm very close to completing my dream! *-*; Only 34 more to go!

So I'm looking for anyone who has large collections of cards they're willing to sell to me to help me catch 'm all! XD

Just a few guidelines of how I ideally see this:
- The exact card doesn't matter, it simply has to be of the pokémon I need!
- Cards need to be in good condition, this means no creases, dirt, damaged edges, etc. They don't have to be perfectly mint, but they have to look okay enough.
- Because of shipping costs, it would be most ideal to buy several cards from one person. If you only have a few, please don't hesitate to comment anyway because when I need only that one card I will still possibly get it from you.
- Speaking of shipping, shipping is to Belgium! So please be willing to ship international.
- I'm really not planning on paying excessive amounts on one card, this pokedex can have any card for a pokémon, so rather than the super shiny brand new mint ho-oh card for 20$ I'm looking for that older, found in every pack, non-holo card you can sell me for like less than a dollar, you know? XD Of course I know not all pokémon in this list will have cheap card options, so still feel free to let me know what you have for what price, but this is the right time to sell some of your cards maybe nobody else would want.
- Cards can be in any language!
- No. Fakes.

#197 Umbreon
#250 Ho-Oh
#254 Sceptile
#257 Blaziken
#348 Armaldo
#367 Huntail
#382 Kyogre
#383 Groudon
#386 Deoxys

#422 Shellos (The picture needs to be of the pink west sea form)
#423 Gastrodon (The picture needs to be of the blue east sea form)
#457 Lumineon
#476 Probopass
#481 Mesprit
#489 phione
#503 Samurott
#534 Conkeldurr
#542 Leavanny

#567 Archeops
#586 Sawsbuck (Any season)
#589 Escavalier
#609 Chandelure
#617 Accelgor
#638 Cobalion
#641 Tornadus

#646 Kyurem (Normal form, not black or white)
#649 Genesect (Preferably his normal color but wouldn't mind getting a card of both normal and red genesect)
#666 Vivillon
#668 Pyroar
#689 Barbaracle
#691 Dragalge
#697 Tyrantrum
#703 Carbink

#715 Noivern
#718 Zygarde --> I know he doesn't have a card just yet but I'll put him here anyway. :D

Thank you!

Tags: tcg, wanted, wants
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