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From Plush to Messenger Bag! (tutorial)

Hello everyone! A few days ago I mentioned how I was going to turn a 16'' Play by Play Charizard plush into a messenger bag.. well I got that done! As promised I took step by step pictures on my process. Sorry that my pictures are a bit dark and washed out.. the lighting in my house at night isnt the best.

Note: this is a brief tutorial for MODERATE-ADVANCED crafters.. beginners might get lost since it requires basic sewing skills.

First.. a before and after shot! Look under the cut for larger versions of these images and for the step by step process~!!

(original plush) ((image from the seller on Ebay))


The beginning process of this tutorial is a lot similar to the start of how I refurbished by 30'' Play by Play Charizard! You can see that here:

The first thing I did was cut my own seam horizontally across its back the same length as my zipper would be! This is where I took out all that styrofoam..

Then I turned the plush inside out and vacuumed the backing of the fabric to get all those little styrofoam bits off! I did leave some in his arms and the tips of his tail though to keep those harder than the rest of the plush.

Next I flipped it right side in again and stuffed its head, shoulders, legs, neck, and tail with normal stuffing! I left his gut and half of his thighs empty to make room for the backpack part.

Our Charizard is now ready for the pouch! I bought some Pokemon cotton fabric and Im using it to line the inside of my plush. This is where your basic sewing skills come in. Machine sew two circular pieces of your fabric together. Then cut a slit on the front side of your pouch the same length as your zipper. Fold back and hem the slit you just made so it doesnt get stringy!

Once that is done you DONT have to turn it right side in. Just place it into the slot you made in your plush! Align the slit you made in the pouch with the slit you made in your plush and pin it down.

Now your going to sew along the edge where the fabric of your plush and the fabric of your pouch meet! When your done pull out your pouch fabric and tug to make sure your stitch is strong enough. You can also glue it but sewing is stronger over time.

Your pouch is now sewn in! Stick your hand in there and feel around to push any of the stuffing in the limbs and head back if you want your pouch to have a bit more room in it.

Now you sew or glue in your zipper! If you dont know how to do this then youll have to look it up separately. It was my first time working with a zipper like this so I still need practice myself..

My zipper line was a bit choppy (again, it was my first time working with a zipper like this) so I decided to make a little zipper cover! Its just a strip of fleece that I hemmed, added velcro to, and sewed on one side. I can do and undo the zipper cover or just reach under it to unzip my pouch while hiding that ugly zipper line. When I practice this more with other plushies Ill perfect my zipper sewing so I wont need the zipper cover in the future.

Now Im going to add straps! I had an old blue bookbag/purse that broke a long time ago and I saved the straps from it. They are clip on straps so I can take them off and store them in the pouch when the plush is not being used as a bag!

I used safety pins to test where I wanted the straps to go to make sure I got the placement correct. Once I found my placement I sewed in some metal square rings for the straps to clip onto in place of the pins.

Then I clipped on my strap! Its one singular long strap since Im going to wear the plush like a messenger bag. The blue pleather even matches the blue on Charizards inner wings! <3

And now the bag is done! I can fit my phone, a small wallet, and all of my diabetic supplies in him. Im going to be wearing him around conventions a lot which will be so fun!

Im really happy with how he turned out! If I get another Pokemon plush that I dont want I may alter it to turn into a back pack to practice this more and then sell it when its done. Once I get sales permission I may also take commissions to alter people's plushies into bags for them once I practice a bit more.

I hope you all liked this! If you have any questions and want to try this yourself feel free to ask me anything in the comments or a PM! Remember that this is a MODERATE-ADVANCED project and if you dont know anything about sewing this may be hard.. do some sewing research first! You dont want to end up ruining a plush :>

I hope you all have a fantastic day~!!


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