aslyl (aslyl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Show me your sales!

Hey guys, just dropping in for a quick wants post!
I've recently decided to add Oshawott to my main collections list. Why? Because! Wotter!
Show me your osha goods ^_^
Specfically looking for plushies. The two I want the most at the moment are the Pokedoll & my newfound grail, the 1:1 Sleeping Plush (if you're willing to do a payment plan as that's gonna break the bank XD)

As for my SSS partner. (Yes you, you don't know who you are), I've still got to finish up shopping for you!
So just show me your sales in general! <3
Thanks guys! When my SSS package gets in I'll finally do a gets post! (Haven't gotten anything since christmas, been trying to limit myself because of sss)
Tags: oshawott, pokemon, sss
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