mercurrix (mercurrix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction Reminder + Selling MWT Wailord Pokedoll

Just a quick reminder that my clear minimodel/metal figure auctions are ending tomrorow at 8pm PST. Please do take a look and get those bids in if you're vying for thm!

I have also put my MWT wailord Pokedoll up for staight sale, and lowered the price of my Banpresto Absol plush. Check out my sales here:

I'd like to get these guys sold in hopes of obtaining some items I'd really like. :)
This is a longshot, too, but I missed out on a listing for a mirage Vaporeon this morning while I was sleeping (the seller actually told me they'd be listing it as an auction originally). If anyone is selling one, I'm interested. Any size or color.

Thanks guys! I meant to post an exciting get today but I've just been working too much to take pics.. Next time!
Tags: absol, sales, vaporeon, wailord
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