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✿ Giveaway Winners ✿ + looking to hear from SSS giftee!

Just a quickie question. I mailed my SSS gift ages ago, and according to the tracking it was received over a week ago. I still haven't heard from my giftee, so if you got a gift from me, please let me know it's safe! D: I'm not saying who you are just in case you haven't opened it yet, I don't want to spoil the surprise of who your gifter was.. :'3

Hello everyone! I haven't been active for a couple of weeks, but now I'm back with the promised giveaway winners. :3

I was so surprised by all the participants and kind, encouraging words people sent my way. It was so unbelievable, and I still can't quite process how nice everyone was! <3 Thank you so much~

If I could, I would make a custom gift for all of you, but I don't think I could ever have the time...:C I'm sorry.
But I am grateful for EVERYONE who liked my customs enough to participate, especially you who read my story and left such sweet and supportive comments! :'3

Now, are you ready for the winners? *dromroll* (Note: winners were chosen randomly with a random number generator)



I need some special info from all of you. :3

Well, lookie what happened. xD It's up to you if you want to add another one, or just get one of the four you commissioned for free. :D I have already finished 3 of them, I hope you got my previous PM. n.n

Never made a Spearow item before, but super excited to! :D I would like to know which custom you would want and if you have any special requests on that. :)

I love Lopunny and can't wait to make the keychain with the floppy ears! Love the grumpy face idea... xD Should it be a specific kind of grumpy face, or do I just make any grumpy face? :D

You listed three Pokemon, which one is it you'd like? n.n And if you have special requests after all, it can be arranged. :3

Tsum is totally doable and it would be super cute too! Sealeo is so adorable. :3 And a special thank you to you for paying international shipping, I appreciate it so so so much! ; 3 ;

ALL OF THESE CUSTOMS WILL BE FINISHED BY THE END OF THE MONTH! I will have contacted you by then to get an approval on how they look and get your shipping address etc. :)

Thank you SO much everyone! You were all super sweet and wanted to help me out by paying shipping! This helps a lot and is appreciated! :3 Inside the US shipping will be between $1.18-$3.50 depending on the item and which shipping method you choose. The cheapest possibility is for a Tsum in a regular paper envelope. International, I have to get a location and exact weight to estimate, but a Tsum does not weight much at all. n.n
I will contact you about shipping once the customs have been finished! :3 Thank you again!

Again, thank you so much everyone who participated! I'm so happy you like my customs. :3 I have the giveaway ones and a few others to get out of the way + I'm holding a slot atm, but I will be opening commission slots again in april!

Have a wonderful day! <3


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