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SSS and Collection Update!^_^

Hey Guys!

Long time no post!  I've been here and back this past year and I thought I'd post what I got for secret Spring Swap!  I only managed to get a few piccies so forgive me for the shody quality of this pictures.  Here we go!

no title

First off, the simple yet lovely note from my secret swapper, Flaaffy!^_^  She was so awesome to give so much Lucario stuff!  I loved the paper she wrote the note on too...a cartoony little Pikachu you can barely see at the bottom but it's very cute.^_^

The bulk of what I got for the Secret Swap!  Not pictured here is some Pokemon Love candies that she included...they're very good chocolates that come in these cute cartoony little plastic packages in two pieces of candy a piece.  Picture above is a cute Lucario plush from the Advanced Generation, a Mega Lucario Tumblr I've wanted for awhile (THANK YOu SO MUCH!^_^), clear Lucario figure, Fennekin evolution line charms, and a Mega Lucario keychain!=O  As you can see, baby Lucario is sitting on Papa Heartland's feet, so he'll have to be good from here on out!

Some of my more recent acquisitions!    I managed to snag the lovely Heartland Lucario from Espie!  It's an amazing 2 and a half feet tall with tag to boot!  Next up is the MEGA TOKYO PIKAZARD plush that had people going crazy for awhile.  This is the guy who started it all and I'm glad to have him in my collection.  And finally, GOOMY!^______^  He's so....squishy!  It's the American version but he's just as big as the Japanese and is so cool! I love hugging him!

My Collection at Christmas 2015....pure awesome.^_^ Nuff said.

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