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Frogs + February gets + Mew flyer want + Lifesize Goomy restocked !!!

Hello everyone!
So let's start with the frogs :3
Indeed, I've decided to put some of my Water Type plushies on my desk and they ended to be mostly frogs ^^ I really love Froakie and Poliwag lines (but not because I'm French haha) and I've just realized that I had completed both families. I only miss Ash's Greninja which can be considered as a kind of Mega Evolution and that I hope being able to get soon :s

I actually have to build a lot of shelves for my other plushies, but I never have money for that since I prefer spending money on goodies ^^

It's time to see the gets!

I had never sought Mewtwo Amiibo and thought that it would be a complicated task. But in the end I happily found one for 10€ on a French website.

I finally got the New Year Special Pikachu Monthly pair. I thought I would have time to buy them and hadn't realized that they wouldn't be available as long as the other Pikachu Monthly plushies. The fact is that I was on the verge of missing them...Phew

I also got a PokeKyun display but totally forgot to take a picture of the cards. Anyway, I made an opening video. So in case you're interested, check my channel o/

In addition, I bought the special PokeKyun box and some TCG accessories. Once again, I made an opening video in case you're interested. The Darkrai box is really beautiful with a glossy finish and a classy magnetic closing instead of velcro.

You can see more pictures here:

Then some keychains. I love the Haunted Night plushies <3 I hope I'll complete the set one day. And thanks to lotad and latias_latios_7 I was able to get these McDonald's figures. I should have take Pikachu too (> <)

And let's end with some plushies. First, the "Rescue" set of Banpresto. I like Pink Pokémon ^^

I really hope that San-ei Boeki will make more Pokémon plushies, because they are very cute and soft :3 With the 20th Anniversary Gen1 has been very spoilt, and this Brock figure inspired from the first games sprite is a good example. Now I need to buy Misty!

More All Star plushies, but bigger with Lucario and Gulpin cushion.
However the real star is Togekiss <3 OMG! I fell in love with this plush! Look at this face! Definitely one of my Top 5!

Now let's talk about my want.
It's actually a tiny want. I'm looking for a Mew code flyer (English or other language than French)

Even if my system is broken, I'd like one with unscratched code. Thanks for your help o/
Found! Thank you faleepai o/

And like the title mentions, we end with good news: Lifesize Goomy restocked? (Actually, I was waiting to be able to buy one before sharing the info :s) I haven't seen anyone talking about that and I can't confirm the info, but for several weeks I've seen Lifesize Goomy coming back on some famous shop websites. And recently it finally appeared on my favorite ebay seller sales for 60€
OMG! You can't imagine how happy I am! I had totally lost hope that Pokémon Center restocked it, and I was not willing to pay 150€. Like probably many of you, I had missed the first release because I had no money at that time and the plush sold out very quickly. Besides, I don't know for you but I got the feeling that Pokémon Center is releasing more and more stuff and it's complicated to follow the pace. Thus we have to make choice and sometimes I feel a bit sad having to miss items I'd really like to have (hello Kanto Starters). Well, I'm not here to complain, but it's to explain you how happy I feel to get another chance to own Lifesize Goomy <3 Now I'm really looking forward to receive it ^^

Thank you for reading :3

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