Top Pom (missymissink) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Top Pom

Jirachi has arrived !

I saw earlier someone had ask about jirachi being out and i got curious too. I even checked in ebay listings and saw people had them up already mostly california sellers. So I called up my TRU and after being hung up on once, they told me they had 4 left. So I went to my Tru and lo and behold TRU got their shipment early and had about 8 of these babies.

Here is my catch, i snatched up four of these babies mostly for myself and friends before scalpers would wreck havoc.

They are so cute , i would urge everyone to check out their TRU immediately. Apparently they're getting their shipments in way early.

Good luck and best wishes

Tags: jirachi
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