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SSS Gets in a photostory!

Hello community! It's been so long since anyone has really heard from me, I'm mostly just lurking and silently reading posts and making a few purchases of newer releases while drowning in senior stuff. Oh yes, I'm finally graduating from college this semester. Hooray! Anywho! I know what you're really here for so I'll get on with it!

First, this was my third swap to participate in and I have to say..... it was just as fun! I look forward to the Spring Swap every year and get so excited for it! This year was also amazing and omg I love it! I actually got my package almost a week ago (my bad!) but I've been so busy getting ready for midterms that I didn't have time to make a post.

I had two lovely assistants to help me open my gift: Kyukon-senpai and Rokon-chan!

Rokon: Let's get this show on the road!

First, this cute Pikachu note stamped with Raichu! Such a cute presentation, all wrapped up in a PC bag with a bell! Too precious! But there's no name...? Who could have sent me these electric rodents? And what do I do with a super cute jingle bell?

Rokon: You're so cute senpaiiii! Now we both have cute things to wear!
Kyukon: ........(◡‿◡✿)

Rokon: Now back to the stuff!
Me: What do you see in there?
Rokon: I'm not sure but I need some help!

That's awfully big, what is it?

It's a big bag of Pocky! Swapper, how did you know I was craving biscuit snacks?! Good job guys! Oh hey a note! It says that this delicious gift is from docgerbilsworld! Thank you so much Doc!

Rokon: Hey there's still more stuff in here!
Me: Oh right! Let's see....

Rokon: So much stuff! Wait what's this yarn one?

:O! Omg! It's a crochet Flareon! This is sooooooo cute and sweet! I love his fiery yarn tail the most! And you guys out here on the internet can't tell but there's a jingly bell inside! This is so cute! Part of me wants to put him on my porch as a little windchime :D But I won't coz I want him to stay PRISTINE. Doc, you have to tell me where you got this cutie patootie!

At first I had no idea what this was lol. Soon I realized it was an unsharpened pencil, then I found the little slip of paper. Its a roller stamp! With Ponyta and Rapidash! Oh man this is such a cool find! I didn't know how much I needed one in my life til I got it and now I'm jonesing for some cute stationary! Totally using this stamp when I send out my Spring Swap gift :DDDDD

Yay kids! I am so happy to finally have that 'singing' Espeon kid! Now my Espie kids are nearly complete!

Now what's this? It looks like a gachapon. Is it a candy figure? No, those come in pokeball capsules. Maybe a sleepy Fennekin?


It is! I was so happy I had to stifle a cry of joy! (Boyfriend would have been so grumpy to have been woken up for this lol XD) The Vulpix candy figure! I still remember when I first discovered this existed and it seems like every time someone had one in their sales post someone always got to it before me. I'm so happy to have this little fox in my collection <3

A group shot! Thank you again docgerbilsworld! This was a wonderful gift that came in at a perfect time! I'm a little sad that the swap is already drawing to a close for me but that just means I can build extra excitement for next year!

I apologize for the cell phone pictures but hopefully you can all look past it.
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