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Grail and some gets!

Helloo! Hope you're all having a good weekend! I recently found a grail thanks to peppermints and it arrived today! Along with the Quilava commission too! Thank you so much for contacting me about the plushie and for giving me that opportunity. Both of these are so amazing <3

Here is a playset Cyndaquil figure, sticker and a Quilava AR sticker thanks to helloskitty!

And the Jirachi bottlecap figure from polahbear! Underneath is the Umbreon Kuttari from herar! Forgot to get a proper picture though ><

So I tried purchasing from the Japanese Pokemon Center online through fromjapan and it worked out well! These were my blind strap gets. I was beyond surprised, because these were the two I wanted besides Togekiss. I feel like I might have used up all my luck on these xD

Little Tales notebook! This is the cover, inside cover and the design on the paper. This shooting star piece is my favorite in that series

And this clearfile to celebrate the 20th anniversary. It's just too cool ;;

My next grail is the old TOMY Cyndaquil Kuta plush, though that can get pricey so it'll probably be a while before I can afford it. Pretty much anything Quilava that I don't have is a grail too though! I think that's about it, sorry this was so short haha. But thanks for reading!
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