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Sales re-opened for this week!

It's spring break (even though the weather outside is nothing like spring) so I am opening my sales only for one week! I added a few things such as pins and a mini towel from the nuku nuku kuji, and reduced prices on things that didn't sell last time. I've had these items for a while, so dont't be afraid to make an offer for things you want!

- Sales permission granted on September 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.
- My feedback:
- Payment by paypal only, please.
- I ship from MI, USA.
- Prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated.
- International buyers ok! But the postage price would be higher, so please ask for a quote before buying!
- Trades are welcome! My wants can be seen here:
- All PKMNCollectors community rules apply- that means people who commit first get priority!
- Holds are ok as long as you are 100% committed; just tell me how long and we can work something out.
- I have the right to refuse to sell to banned members or people I don't feel comfortable dealing with.
- I sometimes recycle boxes for shipping materials.
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items after they are in the hands of the post office.
- Please be patient with me as I can be slow with replies/shipping depending on what I am doing at that time.
- I do allow haggling, but please keep it reasonable!
- I live in a smoke-free home, but I have a pet rabbit although she has absolutely no contact with my items.
- Sorry for the bad-quality pictures! If you want close-ups of something, just ask!
- If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

- lucario petit plush MWT $8
- mewtwo mpc plush MWT $7
- igglybuff plush (tush tag cut off) $10

- piplup plush $5
- old pikachu plush (loved condition, tush tag cut off) $1
- jigglypuff plush (loop on head is broken) TTO $2

- azurill plush (damage on one cheek) TTO $2
- wigglytuff plush (loved condition) TTO $2

- plusle plush (loved condition, tush tag cut off) $1

- shimmery pichu pouch (tush tag cut off) $2
- shimmery togepi pouch SOLD
- pikachu plush (loved condition, tush tag cut off) $1
- pikachu plush MWT $2

- Eeveelution Pokemon Center straps MIP $8 each or take the rest for $30
SOLD: eevee, espeon, umbreon, glaceon, sylveon

- Eeveelution Pokemon Time straps MIP $9 each or take the rest for $60 (all have their respective normal bookmarks)
SOLD: espeon, sylveon

- Eeveelution Pokemon Time rubber straps MIP $8 each or take the rest for $52
SOLD: vaporeon, sylveon, secret eevee
- Ichiban Kuji eevee charm MIP $5
- Ichiban Kuji pikachu charm MIP $5

- eevee petit strap MIP $8
- flareon and leafeon sequin charms MIP $10 each
- sylveon, pikachu, and eevee movie metal charm set MIP $14

- Eeveelution movie pin badges $14 each (for a set of 3) or take both sets for $26

- pink eevee roll bag MWT $8
- eeveelutions pouch MWT $12
- eevee & flower pattern pouch MWT $12

- flareon bag MWT $40
- jolteon bag MWT $40
- peeking pikachu bag MWT $38

- umbreon fuzzy pouch MWT $20
- eevee fuzzy pouch w/ carabiner MWT $10
- flareon fuzzy pouch w/ carabiner MWT $10
- plusle and minun plush face bag TTO $5

- Ichiban Kuji pokedoll handkerchief MIP $5
- Ichiban Kuji pikachu pokedoll handkerchief MIP $5
- Ichiban Kuji pikachu in flareon sleeping bag mini towel MIP $10

- peeking ditto handkerchief MWT $8
- peeking eevee handkerchief MWT $10
- eevee furoshiki cloth MIP $12

- sylveon handkerchief MWT $14
- eevee pokemon time room pants MIP $40

- eevee hard case for Nintendo 3DS XL MIP $18
- eeveelution TPU cover for Nintendo 3DS XL MIP $18
- eevee figure touch pen for Nintendo 3DS XL MIP $6

- eevee iphone 5 case w/ tail charm MIP $50
- peeking eevee phone case MWT $15
- eevee scrunchie MIP $5

- flareon and leafeon pokemon time tins $6 each
- tissue packs $1 each
SOLD: xerneas/yveltal tissue pack
- Ichiban Kuji pokedoll cup and bowl set $10 (shipping may be high)

- Pokemon Center Christmas ornaments MIP $5 for both
- peeking croagunk goods (includes box, phone case, handkerchief, and plush) all MWT $40

- pokemon canvas sketchbook, brand new $18
- pikachu tail clearfile MIP $5
- minccino tail clearfile MIP $5
- sylveon clearfile $4 (I have multiples)

- rayquaza TCG tin (also features charizard and garchomp) $5
- pikachu pin $3
- mew and celebi pins $4 each
- mega absol, Hoenn starters pins $5 each

- aurorus ex, primal kyogre ex, M absol ex jumbo cards $3 each

- custom espeon and umbreon bead figures $5 each

- custom sylveon bead figures $5 each

I also made a brand new pokemon card trading/sales post! It's updated with the recent Pokekyun and Generations sets.

Thank you for looking!
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