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Generations gets and a few questions

Hello from a long break! I know I'm pretty late to the game seeing as how Generations released last month, but after looking around some local stores I finally got lucky enough to find not only a celebi box, but a mew box as well! Pulls under the cut.


Out of the two cards that came with the boxes, I think mew is definitely my favorite. :) I've already stuck the pins on my bag.

DSC04091.JPG DSC04082.JPG

In the same box, I managed to pull a Mega Blastoise EX and a Yveltal! I couldn't believe it since I usually have terrible luck with picking lucky/good booster packs.

DSC04086.JPG DSC04085.JPG

The second box I opened was shaping up to be pretty ordinary (am I the only one that thinks holofoil item cards are kind of a letdown?) until I opened up my very last booster pack and saw this. I pretty much screamed out loud, since this was one of my top wants from the Generations set! The holofoil on this card is difficult to photograph but it is so cute and pretty to look at in person.


Some more holofoils I pulled. Slurpuff is not my favorite but I like how the holofoil looks like little cookies and meringues. :)


Lots of cute art in this set! I love the Charmander line and I want to try and get the rest of them.


Also while I was at the store, I noticed they were selling what looked like a repackaged booster (I think it was breakpoint or one of the newer ones) with this ADORABLE card featuring Pikachu, Chespin and Sylveon. I couldn't resist, so I got that as well.

DSC04098.JPG DSC04097.JPG DSC04094.JPG

It also came with a holographic Victini coin. Mine seems to have a print error on it where the hologram is reversed/put on different on part of it, but I don't mind, I think it makes it unique. No cards to note from the booster, except this one:

no title

I can't believe I got this for my other full art card, I'm kinda cracking up at it haha. :) Bidoof always makes me laugh, so goofy and cute.

Overall I'm very happy with what I pulled. I was really hoping to get the Sylveon EX (with Eevee) and the card with the three original Eeveelutions as well, but that's something to look forward to. :)

I haven't been this excited about the tcg in a long time! One thing I want to know is, is Generations eventually going to be released as normal booster packs/boxes? Or is this a special 20th anniversary thing only and you'll only ever be able to get them from the monthly legendary boxes/the charizard/venusaur/blastoise/pikachu box sets? I'm hoping that's not true, because these cards have some of the best art I've ever seen and I'd like them to be a little easier to get so more people can enjoy them.
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