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Random Gets!

Hello everyone~ Long time no see! So I had been kind of absent again from the community because of school, and as I can already tell I missed a ton of stuff! ;A; I'll have some catching up to do ;v; Glad I did come though, otherwise I would not have known about the amazing merch coming on the 19th! I'll definitely have to snag both of the Victini kuttaris and the new monthly Pikachu pair *3*

But anywho, onto the subject of this post, yesterday I got some out of place gets that you guys probably wouldn't expect me to get XD

So I was at a Target that I rarely go to, and I originally was planning on maybe getting some plushes (as most of you know already, I mainly collect plushes only) but alas, the only plush they had over there were Tomy Treeckos, which I already had.

However, I decided to cruise around the video game section of Target just to see what kind of stuff they had, when I found these guys:

I found Charizard and Lucario Amiibos! I've never gotten an Amiibo before, but I am no stranger to the craze I've seen for them. They've always struck me as really cool, but I never really thought about getting them until now, since I knew that if I didn't get them now, I probably wouldn't see them again. Especially Lucario, who I think isn't all that common to find? Correct me if I'm wrong.
When I was there, Lucario was the last one, there were a few Jigglypuffs, and some Charizards. I was surprised to see that they had no other characters while I was there, but then again, this Target doesn't really have much of a selection in the first place.

But I'm happy I got these two! Charizard and Lucario are some favorites of mine, not only as Pokemon but to also battle as when I used to have Super Smash Bros Brawl when I was little. But I'll have to say that Pikachu was always my go-to pfffff

Here's some close-up pictures of them~

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day/night everyone!

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