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Rare Lugia + Lati Pokepark Keychain auctions + Sales post! ~

Hey guys, I'm here today with three things.
Two auctions for rare Pokepark Lugia and Latios/Latias keychains, and my first sales post~! Let's get right into it ^-^

~ Auctions! ~

♦ Sales Permission granted by areica96 on October 20th 2015.
♦ All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply
♦ My feedback can be found here
♦ I will not sell to banned members/non-members.

♦ I am based in the UK and will ship worldwide!
♦ All prices in USD. Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees. Feel free to ask for a quote if you are unsure~
♦ I accept Paypal only!
♦ I am not interested in trades at this time
♦ Payment is expected within 24 hours of commitment unless agreed otherwise.
♦ All items from a smoke free home. However, I do have one cat, although she does not come into contact with the items
♦ Please include your country when purchasing an item.
♦ When sending payment please include your username + items purchased in the notes section.
♦ No sniping! Snipe bids will not be considered legitmate.
♦ Please feel free ask any questions at all! ~
Please have some understanding that sometimes I can be slow to ship as I am mostly housebound

Please do not bid until this is crossed out!
Auction closes 6pm EST/ 10pm GMT 13th March 2016!

Here are both keychains in their full glory! Both come with the original (perfect condition) pamphlet from the gachapon capsule. The keychains do appear yellowed, with white at the top. However, all images online of these keychains show them like this, so that actually might be their original condition.

Starting bid: $15
BIN: $80

Starting bid: $15
BIN: $80

Happy bidding~! Now onto my sales post...

Finally, I have created my first sales post! I am selling plush, figures, keychains and clear Kids, as well as an N Nendoroid! Check it out! ^-^
Click Entei to be transported ~*
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