fromstarcave (fromstarcave) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone doing pickups for the tru jirachi merch?

Please let me know if a post asking for help like this isn't allowed!

Would anyone be offering to do pickups for the TRU Jirachi plush, figure and TCG set? All I'd want from the TCG set is the promo card and pin.

Would anyone be willing to do pickups and sell for close to the retail price for all these items? Does anyone know what the retail price is for all of these? Isn't plush $20 and figure $10? I'm unsure of the TCG set. I'll pay a little more than retail price for service/labor + shipping & pp fees of course, but if anyone would be willing to help out and sell for close to retail, I'd appreciate it so much!! ;v;

Is the TCG set available at more places than just TRU, as well?
Also does anyone know when TRUs typically restock, and when a good time to check back would be?

Thank you so much for your help answering any of these questions!! ☆
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