Stella (giratina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokedoll want + other wants

Hello community! I've got some wants. I've got a relatively flexible budget. I wanna see if I can get these items here instead of resorting to Y!J because I really don't want to wait over a month for my items even while paying premium price lmao
But I got an exciting get a few days ago that I do plan to share in my next collection update ;o Can you believe I only need two more plush until my plush collection is complete? I sure can't. I'd like to thank this amazing community for helping me complete my collection so quickly!! <3 I thought this would take forever, but I only need a total of 29 items, figures and plush together, until it's complete; after seriously collecting Giratina for a year or so. I love u guys

MAIN WANT: Giratina pokedoll Japanese MWT. I think there's a 2008 and a 2009, and I have the 2009. I'd prefer the 2008, but if there's only a 2009 I'll take that. I'm not really looking to spend a butt ton of money on this guy; looking for a reasonable range ;; This want currently takes priority over the others.

Still looking for this pen. It's got Regigigas in it.

European pokeball figure

None of the images are mine

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