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Haul/Applause Want/Sales!

Talk about a multipurpose post!

I'll start off with this lovely haul. The best kind, a tag sale haul. And a bit of a mystery.

Does anyone have any information on this red box? I tried to search for it on the internet but I don't even know what to search. Trust me, 'pokemon red tool box does not yield the wanted results.

As you can see, it has this cute little sticker on top

And onto the contents!

A couple of 1 inch figures, as well as some tcg badges. The 1 inches are so adorable bc they are so tiny!

A bunch of little keychain friends. I believe they are burgerking toys?

More burgerking toys. Some spinners as well as some keychains.

More assorted toys. Electrode spinner (I forgot to include this in the other picture ;;) a blastoise bouncy ball, bulbasaur plush chain, charmander figure (not tomy, not quite sure what he is), and a tomy James.

A bunch of marbles. They are in beautiful condition!

And these really cool old tcg leaflets.

There were a bunch of cards in the box, though most of them werent in the best condition. Here are some highlights.

So much stuff! and to think I was able to snag it so cheaply. Seems as though someone wanted to unload some old, long forgotten goods!

Now for a want, I recently (see an hour ago) opened up my mip cubone and wartortle battle set as I wanted to get out the cubone and sell the wartortle. However!! the wartortle is just so cute I can't help but keep it, and of course the problem comes that I now wish to collect the applause plush. Just look at them!

So! Essentially, I am looking for any and all applause plush for sale. I will probably only be able to buy one or two right now, but in the future I definitely plan on buying more. So if you have any for sale please let me know!

And finally, Sales!

All PkmnCollectors rules apply
Sales permission was granted by
areica96 on 12/17/2015, and my feedback page can be found here.

Basic Info

  • I ship from USA

  • I accept Paypal, as well as concealed cash at the buyer's discretion

  • Prices are marked in USD and do not include shipping or paypal fees unless stated

  • Items come from a smoke free home. I do have a cat but she stays away from my goods

Purchasing & Shipping

  • Buyer must commit within 24 hours after I have given you a quote. Item can be held longer if you ask, if not it will be passed on to the next interested buyer

  • I am not responsible for any mess ups made by the postal service, let me know at time of purchase if you would like tracking on your package

  • No haggling please

  • Items are first come first serve

  • Backing out of a purchase will result in negative feedback

  • Not currently looking for trades

  • NOTE: I am currently away from my shipping things (I am home for break) and will not be able to ship till at least Monday the 14th. Because of this you are not required to pay till the 12th. If you choose to wait on your payment please note so in your comment. I will not ship till you have payed.

  • Put the word "apple" in your comment to signify you have read the rules


Lapras fuzzy plush $5 **Note the lack of eye on the left side. Otherwise good condition

Treeko PC Plush MWt- $9
Totodile Petit Plush TTO- $7
Lapras Canvas TTO(Loved)- $16.50 Shipped

Xatu Charm- $4
Dewott Charm- $4

Marowak Figure $2
Butterfree Figure $1.50
Gengar Kid- $2

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