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almost 6 months worth of 'lucha gets + a re-introduction!

Hello everyone! I haven't posted any gets recently, because my life as been extremely busy (understatement), and among other things I'm dealing with house renovation which means most of my Pokémon stuff is in storage! So, most of what I got in the last few months hasn't been displayed yet. I even struggled to get a chance to take photograph for my website, but today I was finally able to photograph the contents of my recent Hawlucha gets. I took something like 80+ photos x_x and now it's time to upload them all on my site, but I think I will only do that in the next days! XD

Since my activity on the community has been rather scarce, I feel some people might not remember who I am, so here we go.

My name is Daniel, I am 30 and I live in Italy. My first Pokémon game was Ruby, which I fell in love with because of its Fire type starter, Blaziken! I hadn't been much of a Pokémon person until then, but Blaziken changed everything and was my favorite Pokémon for quite a long time. With time, I fell in love with more monsters, and I started casually collecting my team members (at the time, they were Manectric, Breloom, Walrein, Aggron, Pelipper and of course Blaziken). Then Diamond and Pearl became a reality, and with them I found more favorites: namely Toxicroak and Honchkrow, but also Luxio/Luxray, Infernape, Abomasnow and Floatzel. Around that time I discovered pkmcollectors, and I was so happy!

With pkmncollectors I not only met a lot of wonderful friends, but I also had a chance to get my fanart more known in the community (my custom Pokédoll tags started as a small thing for friends, and then later became a trend among more members which I am still stoked and so, so thankful for), and of course, find more and more merchandise. Black and White came, and then XY, and now we're soon getting a new generation, and I'm still a member here, and it's amazing ;_;

Over the years I got more favorites, now my number one being Hawlucha. I decided I couldn't keep on hardcore collecting EVERY SINGLE POKEMON I LIKED because their number was now close to one hundred and that was kind of problematic haha.

So now my collection focuses on Hawlucha, followed by Toxicroak, Blaziken and Manectric, and then I have a bunch of favorites I sometimes get figures or plushies for. I hope to be soon done with my house renovation so I can show you all I have!

In the meanwhile, my mains are featured in my website, Plastic Claws, where you can also see an exhaustive list of my wants, as well as my Digimon collection:

Now, I mentioned receiving a lot of Hawluchas lately, which I have yet to add to my website, but you guys get a sneak peek!
Sorry for the awful quality of these photos, I really need to get myself a lightbox or something similar so I can take new pics of everything (wish me luck, lol)

Without further ado...

Let's start with the customs! I had been wanting a plush from d215lab on deviantart for quite a while, and last year I was finally able to get a slot from her. The result is probbly the most accurate Hawlucha plush I have today, she's 12 inches, completely posable and just all around adorable and cuddly!!!

Then, I had our own Norkia/Flag make me custom patches based on the Trozei art. I sorta want more to actually use them on my clothes/bag!

This one is very special. It's the second issue of a Japanese doujinshi dedicated to Hawlucha. I had the honor to not only being invited for the first issue, but I was invited again for this one! The art in it is very very stunning, but I think I'm not allowed to show pictures of other people's submissions from the magazine. So you only get to see the pretty cover :D

The person in charge of the doujinshi (tukikagematari on twitter)sent me a personalized sweet message as a thank you. She also included some extra Hawlucha goods from Japan, some of which will be later featured in this post ;)

Her own personal doujinshi was also included as a gift (it was Christmas time which made it even more fitting)

There's more customs I got, but thy'll be exclusive to my website (wheneve I'll have the energy to update it haha...), so let's move on to some of the official items that tagged along!

This stationary set is not hawlucha-centric but Hawlucha IS there so... I just had to get everything that featured her XD (I was too lazy to photograph single items. Please have mercy).

This sticker sheet is from the same promotion, but actually features full body artworks and is SUPER SHINY and I'm such a magpie for shiny stuff. It must be my favorite item from the promo, wish Hawlucha was bigger on it though!

The Ooops spinoff promo was ages ago but for some reason I had never got everything from it... and this item in particular was eluding me for the longest time. Thankfully my friend Ayumi was able to get it for me and gave it to me as a late birthday/Christmas present! I love love love the artwork on this memo pad.

Speaking of favorite items, this shiny booklet from the Hoopa movie is just... nghhh SO CUTE AND SHINY? It has so many cute Hawluchas, I mean LOOK AT THIS COVER.


A special get was this birthday card...

...as well as this Christmas one. I was a bit disappointed at them since I feel I really overpaid for them, but hey, they're personalized and cute, and will be hard as hell to find later, so.... yeah.

This one is special because it was a Christmas gift from my best friend. I built the puzzle but had to put it back in the box since I currently have nowhere to display it!

This is also special. THREE different people got me this strap as a gift, which makes me super happy so I can actually use one and display the others :D

Look at this wonderful playmat. Look at that art and tell me how was I supposed to resist getting it? I had first seen the image in a scan of a book, and I was hoping it'd get its own physical release. To my surprise and happiness, it did. It's such nice quality and size.

Speaking of cute art, do I even have to explain? I love this book.

Okay, this one is super hard to photograph. It's a HUGE WARM AND SOFT BLANKET. It didn't fit my table, so I had to fold it, but many more Pokémon are featured, the die probably gives you a hint of its size. And well. It's soft. I can't stress this enough. The softest blanket ever, wish I could have gotten two, it would be perfect to use in winter.

More neat stuff with new artwork. A Hitachi clearfile.

This Pokédex book is huge and amazing, and it has this thing at the end where all Kalos Pokémon are put in scale with the human trainer. Look at tis page of fighting types and at the awesome floating Hawlucha of doom

Really cute pouch with trozei art. Wish there was a stamper with that Lucha design....

More oddities. I was never able to get this cracker (and it would've been a pain to preserve it anyway) but at least I got the wrapper with a nice picture of it!

This inner pages of this calendar were a bit disappointing for the lack of Hawluchas, but thankfully my beloved bird fas featured on the back!

And that was it for this time! I hope to be able to share more Hawlucha gets with you in my next post. I really can't wait to have them all nicely displayed. I'm really excited :D

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

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