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Desperately Seeking: MWT JP Reshiram Pokédoll!

Hello guys!

For once, I'm actually coming to you all with a WANTS post! =O (...I actually think this is my first ever proper wants post...I feel like a bad collector xD)

So I've finally succeeded in selling my Gold Star Treecko card for a price I'm super happy with! Yay! This means...I have the funds to actively search for my grail! =OOO *le gasp!*

I'm desperately seeking this little (...Okay...he's big...) guy!

A MWT Or Mint With Detached Hang Tag JP Reshiram Pokédoll!

I have just under $80 to spend right this second (with a few more dollars coming in soon with a refund) so with shipping which I'm told is $13.50 from the US to the UK? (ofc, depending on whether the Pokédoll is coming from the US or not, if the shipping is cheaper, I can add more to the price of the doll!) I'm looking to spend perhaps $65 or less before shipping. I MAY have more money coming in soon if the sales gods are kind to me so this price may not be completely set in stone!

As stated, shipping will be to the UK and I would massively appreciate it if you'd be willing to mark the parcel as a Gift and value it below $20, just so I'm not stung with customs duties that I really can't afford >.<

If anyone has one of these amazing dolls and would be willing to sell to me, I'd probably shed a tear with sheer joy. You'll get money and the satisfaction that you made a grown woman cry.

Throw your Reshi's at me!! <3
Tags: pokecen, pokedoll, pokedolls, pokemon, pokemon center, reshiram, wanted, wants
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