yuwaku_kun (yuwaku_kun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mew box

Hi everyone! So, seeing everyone getting the 20th anniversary box sets, I decided I wanted to try to. I went to Target yesterday where I saw a full stock of mew boxes earlier this week, but found them to be all gone. =( Today when I went to post office, I decided to go across the street and check walmart. Boy was I lucky! One box, half buried, almost missed it. I just finished opening my cards, and sadly didnt get any eevee cards I wanted. =( I did pull 2 foil Mega EX cards, one of which I dont think I have seen people pull/ talk about. So what did I pull?

My first pack was a Pikachu, and these were my foils:

I thought they are really cool, even if not really *my* kind of pokemon. Blastoise pack however was 0_0.

Just look at that charizard card! OMG. >.> Is this what is considered full art? Pretty sweet card IMO!! Anyone else pull this sweet charizard card?

Anyway, just wanted to share. =) Hopefully when I pick up the Jirachi box I will get one of my eevee cards. Now how to display this rockin charizard...
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