chibisayurietsy (chibisayurietsy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question: Shipping methods to ship giant Snorlax Plush?

Hey everyone! I convinced my husband to help me with the gigantic snorlax when the second batch comes out, however I am uncertain whether Tenso or Buyee will be able to ship it to me. Does anyone know/have already ordered the Snorlax and shipped it to themselves in the US? And if so, how much was the cost? Or would going through a pick up vendor be better? And maybe anyone know of someone willing to do it? Trying to find the best way possible, because if I put in an order and use my Tenso address and they tell me it's too large...I'll die of heartbreak. xD
Sorry if Tenso already says something about this, my auto-translator on the websites are bad....really really bad. I can't understand half of what I'm reading and google isn't much better.

Snorlax link:

Thanks in advance for any information!
Tags: snorlax
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