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New Gets Including New Celebi Pokedoll with Photos plus Shiny Umbreon Bootleg Plush

Hope everyone is having a good day. Though I would share some recent items I got in the mail.

Starting off I got the Lapras Secret Base doll from Amazon. I check every once in a while to see if they have any items for sale on Amazon so I can save on shipping cost with prime. It's really soft and adorable. I wish they made bigger versions of the secret base dolls but it would hurt my wallet so much if they did XD

Next up is the Mew Pokedoll. I actually received mew a week ago separate from the Celebi. After it went out of stock for a brief moment and bought him the moment he came back in-stock. I love the new look of the pokedoll and the use of minky fabric.

Here's the new Celebi Pokedoll. It's made of minky fabric like Mew.

It's wings are also a double sided minky fabric.

Here's a picture with Mew and Celebi together. They both have a little issue with sitting up so I placed them against their backs.

Mew and Celebi with the anniversary tomy plushies.

I also bought this Shiny Umbreon Plush made by Oly Factory. I know it's unofficial and a bootleg but I think Shiny Umbreon is gorgeous. It's made of minky fabric and it's really well made.

Thank you for viewing and have a wonderful day!

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