Soli (solishark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trainer Red Claim Needed! (Nendoroid)

Hey guys, since the new Red Nendoroid was restocked, I have decided to do a claim group for those not wanting to buy the whole set. Currently there are claims for all of the pokemon, so we just need someone to claim Trainer Red. The claims are $25 + shipping Slot filled!

I will update up here when has shipped the Nendoroid. Status: Recieved!


Red- emeraz

Venusaur-solishark (me)

Blastoise- handmadehail

Charizard- nosidamsucram

Sales Permission:
-I recieved sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014

-My feedback:
-I ship from Ohio, USA
-All Prices are in USD
-I accept Paypal Only
-If you back out, you will be left negative feedback.
-USA shipping only at this time, sorry!


There will be 1 payment. The cost of your claim = 25 dollars each plus shipping/fees. Sorry, no international shipping. I will try to keep the cost of shipping from me to you down as much as possible.

You will not send payment until I have the Red nendoroid in hand. But please be ready to send within 24 hours.

For individual pokemon claims you will receive the effect pieces that go along with it. For the Trainer Red claim you will receive all of the other accessories for him (pokeballs, the stand, faces, etc.)

Link to the page:

Think I covered everything. Any questions feel free to ask!

Thanks guys!

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