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Gets, sales, and wants!


Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- If you want an item please clearly state that you are going to commit!
- I will sell to the first person who commits to the item
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item!
- I ship world wide

My Feedback:

First is gets!

First up is this amazing Raikou cloth/hankerchief!
It even has his name on it!! Not often you see Raikou centered merch like this <3

Next are these Raikou centered post cards!! I have never seen this art before so I had to nab them up!

A memo pad page from Stalking Suicune <3
Love the art in this!!

Raikou Tretta Ultimate Z1 piece!
I love that the plastic is green ;)

A little Raikou page clipping from StalkingSuicune

A small translucent, holographic Raikou card!!
This is such an epic piece <3
Also from StalkingSuicune :)

On to the sales/trades!

A MIP Raikou belt clip pin!!
Mind you the package it not mint XD

This is only FOR TRADE!
See my wants below ;)

European Model Figures
Entei - $10
Suicune - $10

Entei came MIP but had red all over it!! So I wnet ahead and cleaned, and assembled both.

Cloth - $3

Now for my wants!!

Looking for the candy top figure
and figure stamp.

(nothing new)

but willing to trade the belt clip pin for the candy figure!!
Willing to pay full price for the stamp.

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