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Pick-me-up Get, or How My Friend is a Thoughtful Person

Hello again, friends! Been non-stop busy these past few months (and will be until further notice), but I got something special in the mail today that I wanted to share with you, along with a little story.

About a month ago I went through some pretty rough waters. My best friend, whom prior to this I showed the wonders of FromJapan, decided to get me a semi-secret gift to help cheer me up. It was something she had helped me search for in order to complete another half of a joint collection, and had no luck on US auction sites finding for a good price. This dear item was...

The 2012 PokeCen Umbreon!
I have been after her for almost 4 years now, having missed multiple chances to get her when the promotion was new, and once again when she saw a US release on the PC website and at Toys R Us. My friend was lucky enough to see her on FJ going for way cheaper than any of the US ones on eBay, and even after fees and shipping was still a steal. She was loved and had a few threads loose, which was one of he reasons why she was being let go of for a low price, but a steady hand and needle fixed those easy enough. She is now a prized member of the grumpy family, and my collection.

I'll hopefully have enough time next week to do a collection update and reintroduction, as a LOT has changed since last year.

Before I round this post up, would anyone be interested in me doing a small how-to on building nice levellers (like the one seen above) for collections that are crammed on shelves? They add more room and open up more space, allowing to display more and not have everything cluttered, and are super simple to build.

For the time being Poke-friends, see you later and have a great day! <3
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