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Small Auctions and sales update!

Hey guys!
So today I have a few small auctions for things I got in Japan. I know some wanted the Sylveon sticker that is possible to get in the snack box. It's sealed so I have no idea if it has Sylveon, Pancham or whoever else is in it, but the Sylveon sticker is sought after so I figured I'd put it up for auction/offers! :)
I also have a sealed magazine I got when I was there with a Shiny Gyarados tretta, DVD and cool inserts! I have one unsealed I'm showing pictures from.

Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-The Sylveon box will need to be shipped in a box so it'll be $3 shipping domestically. Internationally will be VERY expensive unfortunately. :(
-Must pay within 24 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-PLEASE do not delete bids or alter them! <3
-PLEASE no sniping either! Bids will be extended 5 minutes if this happens.

~The goods~

BOTH Start @ $5! :)
Additional info and LOTS of pictures under the cut below.

This will end A WEEK from today, at 12pm HONOLULU time. Here's a countdown timer! :D

These are just SOME of the pages of the inserts! :) There are plenty more, and you WILL receive DVD, Tretta and inserts along with the magazine!

PLEASE NOTE, this has some dents, bends in the cardboard and the food inside is from June 2015. xD
So you might reconsider eating the contents. Haha.

Small sales update! I still have plenty of items from the past one as well, so check it out!
(Click either picture)
Tags: auctions, banette, eevee, espeon, gengar, greninja, gyarados, manaphy, mawile, pikachu, sales, slowbro, sylveon
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