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So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts....

I've been meaning to make a post about my newest get for a while, and now that I'm stuck at home with a cold, I finally have the chance!...


Oh boy. Now this is something I thought I'd never, ever own for my collection. I've seen pictures of this particular mirage in Mizukii's collection, and I knew if I could ever choose a mirage for myself, Sneasel would have to be it. But as most of us know, mirage plush are so incredibly rare and limited in number that I never even considered the idea that it could happen.

And then on ebay a couple weeks ago, a seller listed a bunch of different mirages - Sneasel included. It was pretty early in the morning, and I'd just woken up to get ready for work. I was shocked to see Sneasel among the listings, and smashed that buy-it-now button as fast as I could.

And now, after a trip all the way from Thailand... here she is!!

She. is. AWESOME! Look at that feisty face! I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to own one of these beauties. She's about 7" tall and still has her suction cup, which you can see in the back shots below. She's made of a slightly rough material, with painted eyes and glued coins. The coins have a super soft, velvety material on them, which is a little rubbed off from age. As you can also see, the eyes are considerably cracked, but that's understandable considering how old she is.

One of my favorite little details - the stitching in the feather-ear that gives it a little more shape. Love this :'D

The old and the new! Two of my absolute favorite collection items. <3
Again, so happy to own her. What an awesome piece of Pokemon merch history.
How many of you own mirages or are looking for particular ones?

Speaking of elusive items, just wanted to mention that I'm still hunting for the Bandai Double Attack Absol Action Figure. I didn't have it on my wants list for a while... but my money situation has changed for the better, so I'm comfortable offering $150 if you're selling one, depending on condition. :)

Still working on my collection site... and on SSS as well! But will hopefully get mine shipped out by the end of next week!
Lastly, my sales have been updated with new items. Check them out if you'd like!
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