pitapokehunter (pitapokehunter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update

Hey guys i just got some of my new collection in the mail a month earlier than expected! The first is my Tomy Monocolle mega gardevoir figure im a bit sad that the paint job was smeared and i had to fix it but over all im happy with it! her waist moves and i cant tell if that means it wasn't glued properly or that s part of the design either way i enjoy posing her. I also got in my Tomy Netsuke Strap mega Gardevoir but some of the plastic was melted.lastly i finally got all the limited edition pita poke i was after! I got Oyasumi Pikachu & the Sticker Book which was extremely difficult to find, victini, winking pikachu and pita poke themed pencil board, and thanks to hantsukihaunter i got the last piece the promo pita poke pokeball keychain! i have also received espeon, umbreon, and the PitaPita playset. I have some merch im trying to find if anyone would like to help me ^_^ Thank you all so much!
1) anything gardevoir from the my dearest campaign
2) Gardevoir Keychain Banpresto UFO Prize
3) Kyoto Center standing Maiko Pikachu
4) Kuttari Set sleeping and awake gardevoir
5) Pokémon Movie XY & Z shiny mega gardevoir Plush
6) BANDAI XY and Z movie Eevee Keychain
7) Klefki Metal Keychain
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