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Princess ♔

First Sales !!

I'm super excited to hold my first sales here ! I'm selling some things from old collections I no longer care much for c:

♡ All PKMNcollectors community rules apply.
♡ I will not ship to banned members and can refuse to sell to anyone I don't feel comfortable with.
♡ First come first serve, make sure you let me know you're committing.
♡ Haggling is fine to an extent but no hard feelings if I don't accept.
♡ I will only hold for 48 hours if you're committing, if you back out you will be left with negative feedback.
You have 24 hours to pay after I reply to you with your total.

♡ I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96
♡ My feedback is here :
♡ Please leave me feedback when your item arrives and I'll do the same for you !

♡ Items come a smoke free and pet free home.
♡ My prices are in USD and I only accept paypal, no e-checks.
♡ I ship from Florida, USA and I can only ship within the USA.
Important : I'm disabled and don't own a car. I rely on my dad to drive me to the post office so I can usually ONLY SHIP ONCE A WEEK. If you buy from me you are accepting this.
♡ I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods due to the post, after I mail them they're out of my hands.

***Shipped prices are for USA only, if you're international please as for a quote!***
***Prices do not include Paypal Fees!***

Sylveon Bus Pass Case : $28 shipped SOLD
Eevee Pokedoll Figure : $18 shipped
Pokemon XY Starters Styluses : $16 shipped

Screen Cleaner straps $9 shipped each

Jigglypuff Amiibo : $16

I <3 Eevee MWT : $22 shipped SOLD
I <3 Eevee Glaceon Keychain MWT : $16 shipped
Pokemon Center Braixen MWT : $22 shipped SOLD
Banpresto Goomy UFO MWT : $25

Takara Tomy Piplup TTO : $20
Banpresto Flower Piplup TTO : $22
Giant Christmas Piplup TTO : $30
Giant Christmas Pichu MWT : $30

Shiny Empoleon Plush TTO : $30 OBO
Banpresto Piplup TTO : $12
Mystery Dungeon Piplup TTO : $20 shipped SOLD
Talking Prinplup TTO : $12 (Not sure if can talk anymore)

Ichiban Kuji Mew : $25 shipped
Ichiban Kuji Snivy : $13
Ichiban Kuji Pikachu : $13
Ichiban Kuji Oshawott : $13 SOLD
Piplup Sun Sensitive Figure : $13 (Has never been tested) SOLD

I still have lots of Poke Kyun cards left at my store !!

Thank you all for looking !!

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